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Earnings Whisper Plays
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The Earnings Whisper Power Rating takes the earnings surprise to a whole new level to better capture the short-term Post-Earnings Announcement Drift (PEAD) during the initial trading days following an earnings release

Stocks go up ahead of positive earnings, gap higher on positive results, drift higher after strong earnings, or a combination of the three, but seldom do they do all three. Of course the opposite is true of negative news.

After researching 0 earnings releases with 0 Earnings Whispers ® numbers from 0 paid, professional analysts and comparing them to 0 sentiment readings from 0 individual investors, we have put together the tools to measure and identify how a stock is likely to move around earnings and when.

For the short-term trader, the Earnings Whisper Power Rating significantly improves the likelihood that there will be a continued driving force pushing the stock in the direction of the earnings beat or miss so that traders can capitalize on the short-term Post-Earnings Announcement Drift (PEAD).

The Power Rating is based on matching the actual reported results with that of the true market's expectation using analysts' data checks, the Earnings Whisper number, and the sentiment of individual investors. Stocks of companies that reported results with a Power Rating of 67 or greater drifted higher, on average, by 1.96% over the course of one week from the open following the earnings announcement. Companies with a Power Rating of less than 35 saw their stocks drop by an average of 1.84%. Everything in between was basically flat.

The simple, back-of-the-napkin math on a 1.96% average one-week gain comes to a 101% annualized return, not including commissions and without compounding gains.

The Power Rating is just a piece of the strategy for our Earnings Whisper Plays where we combine the strength or weakness in the earnings compared to investor sentiment, compare the performance for the specific stock when it has reported similar results in the past, and then use technical setups to identify short-term trades after the news.

Of course, we also trade before the news to capture the Earnings Announcement Premium (EAP) - a market phenomenon identified by William H. beaver in 1968. Our Earnings Whisper Score identifies stocks that are more likely to go higher or lower during the days leading up to the company's earnings release and through the gap following the news based on a combination of analysts' checks and investor sentiment. Once again, the Earnings Whisper number is the basis of the Score, but a number of proprietary data points are used to measure the Score.

The studies used to measure the Score are based on data from two of the worst bear markets of a generation as well as three strong bull markets and through back testing, the indicator worked regardless of the direction of the market. Since we started providing the Earnings Whisper Score to subscribers in early 2014, stocks as a whole have yielded an Earnings Announcement Premium of 0.24%. However, stocks with an Earnings Whisper Score of +4 or greater have gained 1.34% during the days leading up to the company's earnings release and those with a -4 or less fell 0.29%.