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Investor Services

Helping you outperform the overall stock market one quarter at a time!
The Whisper Report ®

Every week, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current market environment. Our process begins with a macroeconomic and technical overview, providing a top-down perspective of the market. Following this, we shift our focus to a bottom-up approach, where we examine the leading companies set to announce their earnings. This dual perspective ensures a thorough understanding of the prevailing market conditions.

Earnings Whisper Sentiment Index

We utilize a comprehensive, top-down approach to assess investor sentiment, leveraging data sources from our proprietary investor surveys to overall short interest metrics. This methodology aids in determining the most opportune times to buy and sell stocks, providing a data-driven edge in market participation.

Expanded Earnings Calendar

You'll get access to an expanded set of earnings calendars with critical data such as implied volatility and average price moves, charts in a single glance, a sentiment heat map of upcoming earnings, and weekly or monthly views - all to help you plan ahead and anticipate strategic decisions ahead of time.

Short Report

Identifying when short interest in a stock has reached its peak is of significant importance for investors. This peak often indicates a point of maximum pessimism, where bearish sentiments have taken hold and most of the negative news has already been priced in. At such a point, the stock may be undervalued, presenting potential buying opportunities. Moreover, it creates the conditions for a short squeeze, where any positive catalyst can cause short sellers to cover their positions en masse, driving the stock price sharply upward.


You'll get additional features, such as an expanded watchlist for your dashboard and data downloads. We provide detailed earnings and guidance information and give an extensive history of the company's past results. Plus, comparisons with peers, option details, and more.